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TOP Program

The TOP program offers a comprehensive range of pre-engineered and pre-fabricated pump stations. They are available in three diameters; 4, 5 and 6 feet and up to 20 feet in height. They come fully equipped with pumps, discharge connections and discharge piping, a separate valve vault with check valves and isolation valves, and a control panel.

You no longer have to design a pump station. Simply give us the position of the inlet pipe and
the required head and capacity. We will complete the design for you. We will select the appropriate sump size, the suitable pumps with matching accessories, find the minimum level for foundation, recommend start and stop levels based on the minimum required active volume, position wall penetrations for the inflow and discharge piping, make sure that the structural strength of the fiberglass shell is sufficient and the there is adequate anti-floatation ballast. We will provide you with CAD drawings so that you can paste the TOP pump station into your overall plan. All this and more at no extra cost.

The TOP package can be easily specified and ordered, all from one source. Prior to delivery,
the pump station is pre-assembled in the factory and checked to assure the highest quality.

The station is then ready to be shipped to any location in the continental USA on a single flatbed to be delivered on the requested date. If the site is ready, the pump station can be operational the same day.


To find out more about the TOP program, please refer to:
Flygt TOP pre-engineered fiberglass pump station brochure (362 KB)
Pump compatibility chart 
TOP station design data form
Catalog Drawings
TOP 4 Pre-Fab Pump Station Assembly
TOP 4 (Duplex Station) 
TOP 5 Pre-Fab Pump Station Assembly
TOP 5 (Duplex Station) 
TOP 6 Pre-Fab Pump Station Assembly 

TOP 6 (Duplex Station)