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Compact Mixer Will open our Mixing section in our new Treatment web site
The Flygt 4600 series of direct drive, stainless steel mixers provide cost effective mixing solutions for solids suspension and liquid blending.
Submersible mixers have a compact design, which together with Flygt's installation techniques makes them easy to install both in new and existing tanks.
Slow Speed Mixers Will open our Mixing section in our new Treatment web site
Gentle mixing of large volumes can be achieved at impressively low power consumption with the Flygt 4410 and 4430 mixers. They are equipped with gearbox and large diameter propeller.
These mixers are frequently used for solids suspension, blending and de-stratification.
Installation Methods
Quick and easy installation with low capital investment is one of the key features of submersible mixers. Several methods can be used for installing submersible mixers. Flygt offers well-proven, complete installation systems.  
The Art of Mixing
You want the precise, right technology for your mixing requirement. At the same time, there are many factors to consider in the decision making process. We understand the art of mixing, which is why we suggest you talk to us, and together we will identify the complexities within your mixing application in order to capitalize on the possibilities available to you.
For example, both a submersible mixer and a top entry agitator can be ideal solutions in an anoxic or a sludge tank. And, a long narrow tank may require a large number of mixers. These are just some of the considerations that go into developing a wealth of parameters that ensure optimum mixing performance by selecting the right mixer. 
Top-Entry Agitators Will open our Mixing section in ourn ew Treatment web site
Xylem Water Solutions offers Flygt Top-Entry Agitators in a multitude of combinations for adapting to a wide range of application scenarios. Using a standardized range of components and materials, the modular design includes a series of impeller diameters, shaft lengths and rotational speeds, translating to a vast array of agitator performance characteristics.
Flygt agitators stir the pre defined process with very low energy consumption. All required maintenance takes place on the dry side of the agitator which makes it very clean and neat to handle placing all the service points within easy reach.

Compact Mixers

Installation Methods

Slow speed mixers

The Art of Mixing

Top-Entry Agitators