Filtration systems

The design of a complete filter system requires more than just underdrain. Leopold provides all of the components required for a complete operating filter system. Leopold designs and manufactures the air header pipe system for air/water backwash filters. Leopold also manufactures fibreglass- reinforced plastic (FRP) backwash water troughs with or without Leopold TroughGuard media retaining baffles. Over the years Leopold has acquired other technologies to provide a complete operating system such as straight-line and S-type surface agitators.


In today's market, where filter projects range from construction of new filters to the refurbishment of existing, older filters, cost remain the key issue.  In response to this, Leopold has invented a novel filter design for new filters- the Flat Bottom Flume filter- that provides a filter system with the lowest installed cost availble.  In retrofit situations, Leopold evaluate the existing filter design and determines the most cost effective method for introducing air into older, water-only backwah filters. Regardless of the type of project, you can be sure that, with over 8,000 installations worldwide, we have seen all types of filter designs. This experience, coupled with our design and manufacturing expertise, ensure that you will receive a superior filter system.

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