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Tertiary Filtration

​Leopold® Tertiary Granular Media Filter Systems
Leopold® tertiary granular media filter systems with Leopold® FilterWorx® controls remove suspended solids from water by flowing the water downward via gravity through granular media at a high rate.

Normal Filter Cycle

Suspended particulates are removed from water by flowing the water via gravity through granular filter media at a high rate.
The solids are removed within the depth of the granular material.
Filtered water is removed from the filter through an underdrain system.

Normal Backwash Cycle

Cleaning the filter media is accomplished with an upflow water wash with either full bed fluidization or sub-fluidization depending upon the media.
Air scour ensures thorough cleaning resulting from higher shear forces in the media bed and abrasion between grains.
The volume of water above the filter bed increases to just above the edge of the waste gullet.
Dirt is dislodged and flushed out of the media, pushed to the surface of the water by the upward flow, and captured via water overflow into the waste gullet.
Dirty backwash water is evacuated from the filter for recovery.
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