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Reliable Protection from Membrane-Fouling,
Performance-Inhibiting Seawater Contaminants


Leopold desalination Pretreatment systems can significantly reduce
membrance-fouling contaminants - color, organics, soluble metals, oil,
algae-before they reach your reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.
These seawater contaminants can affect effluent quality, damage
the membrane, and even cause membrane failure because RO
membrane filters are intended for removing only salt and dissolved
ions when producing potable water from seawater.

Complete Protection

Not only can Leopold desalination pretrement systems remove
TSS, free oil, color, and organics, but Leopold offers the only system
that can remove harmful algae blooms (HABs/red tide).
Proven Reliability

Leopold desalination pretreatment systems are in place and
operating in RO membrane filtration plants located in the Middle East
and Australia. They are treating raw water supplies with an SDI of 8
to 10, with excursions as high as 15. Using iron-based coagulants,
and passing through a dual media anthracite/sand gravity filter at
loading rates of 3 to 4 gpm/ft2 (7.5 to 10 m3/hr), the effluent SDI is
consistently below 3 . . . within the SDI required by RO membrane