ICEAS Sequencing Batch Reactors:

Optimized process design with proven performance lower than 10 mg/l average BOD/TSS Continuous flow ICEAS® operation offers smaller basin volume, single basin operation, and uniform basin loading Superior ownership value backed by hundreds of installations Enhanced BNR solutions meeting the most stringent effluent TN and/or TP requirements Flexible control options and designs for a wide range of flow applications - 20,000 GPD to over 135 MGD (75 m3/d - 520,000 m3/d).


Sanitaire Biological Treatment Products: 

Other Biological Treatment products available from Sanitaire include the Diffused Aeration Oxidation Ditch, and field-erected Sanitaire Mark IV Compact Plant. These solutions combine over 40 years of providing high quality treatment systems.

Sanitaire ICEAS SBR

Sanitaire Mark IV

Sanitaire Oxidation Ditch