Sanitaire ICEAS SBR Advantages

SBR The ICEAS process offers unique advantages over the conventional SBR process, while eliminating costly systems and maintenance associated with conventional SBRs.
· Equal flow and loading - since all basins receive flow at the same time, basin imbalance is
· Smaller investment - less land area and less equipment is needed
· Lower operating and construction costs - requires no primary or secondary clarifiers and
associated pumping, pipework and control facilities.
· Less sludge handling - return activated sludge is eliminated since aeration and settling occur in the same tank maintaining a healthy microbial population.
· Flexibility - operators simply vary the operation as environmental conditions change with easy-to-use state-of-the-art PLC control system. Systems can be easily expanded by placing
additional tanks in parallel.
· Compared to true-batch SBRs, allows single basin operation for periods of low loading, startup or maintenance. Also eliminates costly influent and effluent control valves.
· Peak flow handling capability - basin design and system hydraulics engineered to prevent
mixed liquor washout during peak flows. Basin's large surface area and superior decanter
design facilitate a low overflow rate creating quiescent conditions favorable to particle settling
and low effluent suspended solids