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Sanitaire Gold Series Membrane Diffusers

Design Features:
  • Advanced micro-punched membrane
  • Precision cut perforations engineered to deliver the optimum flow pattern and provide highest aeration efficiency.
  • Air is delivered to membrane through multiple air control orifices, assuring a uniform bubble pattern from end to end.
  • Diffuser geometry enables high-density configurations for greater installed surface area and low flux levels through the membrane.
  • The combination of high density and low flux enhances oxygen transfer reducing energy consumption.
Membrane material:
  • Aging tests demonstrate that the thicker polyurethane membrane is highly pliable and less prone to stretching. In fact it outlasts competing materials in accelerated aging tests.
End fittings and sealing system:
  • Engineered to ensure a positive, leak proof closure.
  • Continuous independent o-ring seated in the groove prevents excessive stress on the membrane. Varying lengths allows diffusers to be fitted to all basin configurations, including circular and irregular geometries. Large diameter piping generously sized to minimize headlosses. Corrosion and UV resistant piping demonstrated over 20 years life in wastewater.
Complete modular unit:
  • The Gold Series diffusers are delivered as complete, pre-assembled units, saving time and resources during installation.
  • Proven piping systems Sanitaire piping systems are robust and mechanically reliable with 20 years of field life.
  • The piping systems incorporate fixed joint couplings that ensure steadfast, long-term, trouble-free performance.
  • Adjustable supports: Single anchor bolt support for ease of installation, alignment, and removal if required. Infinitely adjustable and available in varying heights for precise leveling, even on sloped tank floors.
Minimal maintenance:
· The system is developed to function continuously without the need for frequent air bumping or hands-on maintenance, giving operators peace of mind that the system performance will be sustained over time.
· Diffuser assemblies are compatible with existing Sanitaire systems, allowing for low cost, hassle-free retrofits.

Grids of the Gold Series diffusers can be combined with grids of Sanitaire disc diffusers to optimize overall aeration system performance for a treatment facility.


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