In the company of leaders


The Flygt product brand has been driving key innovations within wastewater pumping and mixing. We invented the first submersible sewage pump and the first submersible mixer. There has been no stopping the chain of ground- breaking innovations with Flygt ever since, amongst them the N-impeller. Today we offer both dry installed and submersible pumps and mixers. Consult Flygt brochures



The Leopold product brand symbolizes extensive filtration experience that comes with over 8,000 installations worldwide.Leopold delivers outstanding filtration results and superior air/water backwash distribution. This results in longer filter runs, lower energy costs, less media breakdown and less wastewater. Consult Leopold brochures



The Sanitaire product brand stands for the foremost resource in aeration design. The brand keeps on breaking records around the world with innovative wastewater aeration technologies. Sanitaire’s technology delivers a high level of efficiency with minimal energy consumption for both membrane and ceramic disc diffusers. Consult the Sanitaire brochures




Steady™ is a brand that delivers outstanding value combining performance and quality in a convenient, economical solution.  Today, Steady offers a range of wastewater pumps serving the municipal market. Consult the Steady brochure



The Wedeco product brand is the world leader in water disinfection with ultraviolet light and water oxidation using ozone.Wedeco has installed more than 200,000 systems worldwide and has more than 25 years of experience in the field of UV and ozone technology. Consult WEDECO brochures



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