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From Water Reuse to Water Desalination, Treating Water the World Around

​At Xylem, it’s our passion to ensure that your water is treated to achieve optimum performance while delivering substantial energy savings, reliable operations and minimum maintenance. 

From water desalination and industrial water treatment to public wastewater filtration, water reuse and ultrapure water production, our applications and integrated solutions make the treatment and transport of water and wastewater possible for customers all over the world.


By combining world-class products from all of Xylem with engineering expertise, we can offer full process design, equipment selection and supply, installation, commissioning and operator training.



In water-stressed areas of the world near saltwater or brackish water supplies, removing salt from water through desalination is sometimes the only option to supply communities and industry with potable water.
  1. Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  2. Once water has served the myriad of industrial uses, it must be treated to be reused, treated to enter the public utility wastewater treatment process or treated to return to the environment in a manner consistent with water quality regulations.
Industrial Water Treatment
Industrial process water must be of an appropriate quality to ensure that products comply with required quality standards and that the manufacturing process is both efficient and controllable.
Maritime Water Treatment
Water serves as more than a catalyst of transportation in worldwide navigation. It’s also an important provision and operating resource on ships and yachts, as well as offshore platforms. Xylem helps ensure successful passages by treating drinking water, wastewater & ballast water.
  1. Public Utility Wastewater Treatment
    1. Once water has served its many residential and commercial uses, it must be treated so that it may be returned to the environment in a manner consistent with water quality regulations.
Public Utility Water Treatment
A healthy water supply is one in which all waterborne pathogens and organisms are destroyed by means of disinfection methods.
Water Reuse
Drought, population growth and water shortages in water-stressed areas of the world are being mitigated through water reclamation or “water reuse” — when wastewater is treated and reused to become a reliable alternative water source.