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At Xylem, it’s our passion to deliver water and wastewater solutions that help you achieve optimum performance — while delivering substantial energy savings, reliable operations and minimum maintenance. We engineer products and systems with your goals in mind: solving the most challenging processing issues and meeting regulatory requirements.

From hygienic pumps that ensure high-quality food processing to wastewater treatment for sludge and slurry removal in the mining industry, Xylem directly touches the vast majority of processing applications across the world.


Providing a range of hygienic pumps, membrane filtration systems for high-purity process water, filtering for fruit juices and other food liquids and accessory products for food processing.
General Industrial Processing
Bringing to market the most complete portfolio of pumps, water and wastewater treatment, analytic, monitoring and control systems and services for a range of major and niche industrial and manufacturing applications.

Hygienic Processing

Offering a range of easy-to-maintain pumps and accessory products, providing the highest hygienic quality during high-purity liquid processing and pathogen removal.
Juice & Concentrate Processing
Providing a range of durable pumps, filtration systems and accessory products for maintaining the highest hygienic and manufacturing standards for juice products and other liquids.

Mine & Mineral Processing

Producing a range of pumps and mixers for mining and mineral processing applications, including dewatering, drainage, wash-down sumps, water recovery and wastewater treatment for sludge and slurry removal and more.

Pharmaceutical & Biopharm Processing
Offering a complete line of hygienic diaphragm flexible impeller and rotary lobe pumps for the world’s leading producers of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceutical products.
Pulp & Paper Processing
Finding ways to help reduce the environmental impact and improve product quality and competitiveness of the pulp and paper processing industry.