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Xylem US offers a complete range of water handling, transport, distribution, wastewater and process treatment applications across commercial, industrial and municipal market. With reliable and efficient products working in countless installations, we provide customers with total systems solutions with a long-term commitment for quality and service.

Treatability Testing Services Brochure

Release of Xylem’s Treatability Testing Services Brochure

​The brochure articulates Xylem’s ability to provide pilot- and bench-scale testing in support of full-scale design and orders. Xylem’s piloting capability is critical to ensuring that our products are a part of the full-scale solution. Xylem Treatability Testing Services brochure

Xylem Treatability Testing Services brochure

Flygt Road Show

Out of the box. Out of the ordinary.

​The Flygt Road Show is a unique showcase of the industry’s leading wastewater solutions. Bringing both products and experts to you, it’s an up-close experience with the technology that can make your municipal wastewater applications more effective and efficient. Click to learn more about the Road Show!

PSS Road Show

Driving innovation to a location near you!

​This is a unique showcase of the industry’s leading pressure sewer systems. Bringing both products and experts to you, it’s an up-close experience with a more efficient and effective residential wastewater solution. Click to learn more about the Flygt Pressure Sewer Systems Road Show!

Xylem's New Treatment Website

Xylem's New Treatment Website
See Xylem’s entire Treatment portfolio on the new Treatment website. This site will help you find solutions quickly, experience our broad portfolio of products and solutions and get core information. Visit it today to learn more about Leopold, Wedeco, Flygt and Sanitaire brands. 

Flygt Webinar: Modern Trash Challenges

Modern Trash. Challenges at Municipal Wastewater Collection Systems
Municipalities continue to be burdened with poorly performing collection systems due to the increasing level of nonwoven “flushable” items by users. Operational costs are skyrocketing resulting from increased energy usage due to clogging in solids-handling pumps. Maintenance budgets are unnecessarily consumed as staff frequently need to pull pumps to remove clogs.

Join us on Tuesday December 16, 2014 to learn about today’s Modern Trash and the so called “flushables” that are creating challenges for collection systems and about the strategies and technologies available to handle them.