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Xylem Panama Canal Project

Xylem Panama Canal Project 2015 Video

When the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) needed help transferring water from a nearby lake to test the new locks for the Panama Canal Expansion project, they called on Xylem. View the video

New 24-Month Clog-Free Guarantee

Introducing the 24-Month Clog-Free Guarantee on N-pumps with SmartRun®

Promises, promises. You’ve heard them before. But in the world of wastewater pumping, words are meaningless unless backed with action. That’s why we are now offering a 24-Month Clog-Free Guarantee on Flygt N-pumps equipped with SmartRun® intelligent control.
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Solving Water Together

Solving Water Together: The Xylem Way

We are pleased to share with you a new animated video, “Solving Water Together: The Xylem Way.” It explains how we help solve your most critical water needs in an easy to understand and entertaining way. View the video

Reuse Saves Scarce Resources

LA Story: Advanced Treatment, Reuse Saves Scarce Water Resources

Importing water is an unsustainable response to persistent drought. The smarter solution is to reuse local resources through advanced purification and aquifer recharge. But how do you ensure safety and efficiency before committing to a treatment technology? A unique piloting tool from Xylem’s Wedeco brand. Listen to the Podcast

LA Story: Advanced Treatment, Reuse Saves Scarce Water Resources

Urban Resilience Planning-How Ready Are You?

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Flooding is one of the most universal and destructive challenges facing communities around the world. A number of recently published reports are telling coastal cities what they might already know: rising water levels and tides are putting them increasingly at risk for flooding.

In addition, stormwater is the only growing source of water pollution in many watersheds across the country. With urban populations expected to grow, and more frequent and intense storms occurring across the country, there is ever increasing pressure on stormwater systems and water infrastructure.

Welcome to a New Era in Wastewater Pumping

Welcome to a New Era in Wastewater Pumping
Your challenges inspired us to develop something truly groundbreaking in wastewater pumping. Xylem will soon introduce an innovative system that unlocks exciting new possibilities and significantly reduces your total cost of ownership.

Pushing the limits of technology for more than 100 years, our Research and Development team has done it again. They took on your toughest challenges and developed a fully integrated wastewater pumping system that is already delivering well-proven results..