​Treatment Rental from Xylem


The Xylem Rental fleet now includes a number of treatment products from our market leading treatment brands, to offer a new water treatment solution to our customers. 
The portfolio now incorporates a number of Wedeco UV and Ozone systems as well as Sanitaire aeration treatment systems including diffusers and blowers.
The rental treatment equipment allows us to install short or long term temporary treatment installations such as borehole water UV treatment systems, back-up systems for plants being refurbished or repaired and portable containerised systems for larger treatment projects.
Take a look at just a few of the treatment equipment options available to rent from Xylem.
Wedeco LBX UV Reactors
Wedeco LBX series is a thousand times proven, energy efficient solution for the disinfection of pressurised wastewater, surface water, process water and other low UV transmittance liquids.
For improved economy and maximum sustainability, LBX units employ Wedeco's low-pressure, high output (LoHi) amalgam ECORAY UV lamps, chemical free wiping system and SCADA communications. The LBX series is easily customisable to match specific site requirements.​

Wedeco Spektron UV
The Wedeco Spektron shines new light on the environmentally friendly process of using UV disinfection for drinking water. Featuring highly efficient UV lamp technology and advanced flow distribution, the Spektron series suits modern drinking water treatment plants and covers a wide array of applications from domestic water supply and industrial uses to large municipal water plants with a capacity of more than one thousand m3/h per unit.
Xylem now has Wedeco Spektron 400 and 600 UV reactors available to rent together with their own control panel for ease of use and inspection. The Spektron range can be used in a number of applications where water treatment is needed.
compact mixer.jpg
Flygt Mixers
Flygt Submersible Mixers consist of a drive unit and propeller, integrated into a compact unit. The mixer is mounted on a guide bar, to enable it to be raised and lowered, to operate at different depths. It can also be angled upwards or downward and can be swivelled to the sides. Its mixing action can therefore be directed to any point in a lagoon or tank.
This flexibility aided by the large blade propeller, running at relatively low speeds, sets in motion large volumes of sludge and water. The Flygt submersible mixer is at least three times as efficient as a conventional mixer. This is due to the high efficiency hydraulic design and the fact that the motor and propeller are integrated into a lightweight, compact unit. No energy is lost in complicated gearing, support bearings and heavy shafts. Also, the mixer can be run intermittently, thus providing further energy savings.
For specific duties on the range of Flygt Submersible Mixers please contact us on 0845 707 8012.


Sanitaire Silver Series II - Diffuser Grid


For a combination of high aeration efficiency and low operating costs, there's the Sanitaire Silver Series II membrane diffuser - the most widely used fine bubble diffused aeration system available today.


The Sanitaire Silver Series II is well established and time proven in the market. This product is widely utilised in the municipal water industry for standard and low-pressure aeration applications; and our LP (low pressure) membrane is an excellent solution for applications where the back pressure allowed on the blower is already defined, such as a refurbishment.


Xylem can now offer a complete fine bubble aeration system (4m x 2m) with our Silver Series II diffusers and a 600m3/hr blower unit. ​

For more information about our Treatment Rental capabilities and other equipment/systems available to rent, contact rental@flygt.co.uk, call 0845 707 8012 or make an online enquiry here.