Submersible Pump Rental from Xylem


Xylem Rental specialises in the rental and hire of market leading Flygt electric submersible pumps, mixers and aerators. Our complete range of dewatering pumps means we have a solution for all applications.
We are unique in the market place, as we only rent products that we manufacture, therefore offering unprecedented technical backup and support.
Xylem Rental can provide pumps and design solutions for a number of applications including;
- General dewatering and site groundwater issues
- Flooding and emergency dewatering
- Sewage diversions and temporary over-pumping systems
- Pump replacements whilst repairs/refurbishments take place
- Bespoke solutions ranging from small projects to major flow diversion schemes
- Pipework, ancillary equipment and flotation raft systems also available
For more information about our individual submersible rental pumps, take a look below.
Flygt Submersible Wastewater Pumps

Flygt Drainage/Dewatering Pumps
2600 Series
2800 BIBO Series
Please note, the rental fleet is growing on a daily basis so if you cant see anything that you need, get in touch! You can make an online enquiry here, email or call 0845 707 8012 for an update on whats available.

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