UV Rental during the UK Droughts​


Given the often sudden and sporadic weather changes in the UK, the aftermath of extreme weather conditions is a familiar challenge for the nation’s water companies. Although flooding is common, drought is also a crucial issue. Mark Hodgkinson, General Manager of Xylem Rental, discusses the issues and solutions for UV in these situations.
Given some of the extreme weather we have already witnessed in 2013, it is clear that water companies often have their work cut out in periods of drought. Lower periods of rainfall, especially when coupled with warmer temperatures, can cause people to increase their outdoor water usage which applies an additional stress on groundwater levels.
During periods of drought, water companies will often open up boreholes to gain extra water. Although this is a commonly used technique throughout the industry, it is important for water companies to have systems in place to effectively treat water gained using this method, particularly when ensuring that drinking water supplies meet Drinking Water Inspectorate guidelines.
That said, the cost of owning individual permanent treatment technology is not something many water companies can justify, especially if droughts are more of a rarity in the area they are responsible for.
One effective solution is to employ the use of rental equipment which can  be deployed to borehole locations, to provide immediate and effective water treatment.  Xylem Water Solutions is unique in that fact that it offers a 24/7 emergency rental service including products such as and incorporates skid-mounted Wedeco UV systems, allowing for the treatment of water on-site. Xylem’s UV systems can also be deployed in remote locations.
Containerised UV Treatment system from Xylem Rental

Groundwater quality problems can arise due to natural conditions in the ground or through pollution from human activity. Water in boreholes and wells can be polluted by sources such as septic tank systems and farmyards, which can result in localised pockets of pollution. This will have an impact on any water company requiring water in the vicinity. Although the actual quantity of polluted water is small in most areas, it can result in significant health risks.
UV technology helps ensure quality compliance on sources at risk of cryptosporidium outbreaks or other bacterial contamination which can be found in stagnant water. As many will be aware, UV technology operates by passing the water through a system fitted with a high-intensity UV light. The light then renders bacteria, viruses and yeasts inactive, preventing them from multiplying. The end result is clean, potable water which is crucial, and allows the water to be recycled or used in a variety of applications.
UV systems have a typical manufacturing time of four to six weeks, so whilst the technology is extremely useful in the disinfection process, having one custom made can be a strain on resources. Therefore UV rental is a key piece of equipment for water companies, especially when extreme weather conditions strike unexpectedly.
Clearly, droughts can cause serious problems for water companies and it is important for them to have a plan of action in place to quickly and effectively deal with it. Where stocking and maintaining UV treatment equipment all year round can be too high an expense, mobile units can play a vital role in helping to prevent the spread of bacterial disease.
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