Case Studies
Across the UK and Ireland, fuelled by our powerful brands, Xylem has a proud and proven track record of supporting our customers and solving challenging water problems through our Rental division and our team of expert rental engineers.
Take a look at just a few of our success stories here.
How to Dewater a Reservoir
When major remedial works were identified for Birkenburn reservoir in Scotland, the issue was how to de-water a reservoir on top of a mountain without causing silt pollution downstream.
Mont Cuet Landfill Site Fire
When Mont Cuet Landfill Site in Guernsey caught fire, multiple attempts were made to extinguish the burning beneath the surface of the site, before an innovative solution which included use of equipment from Xylem Rental worked. 


UV Rental during the UK droughts

Given the often sporadic weather changes in the UK, the aftermath of extreme weather conditions is a familiar challenge for the nations water companies. When we suffer periods of drought and low rainfall, our UV rental equipment can offer a unique solution in these situations.  

Birkenburn Reservoir

Droughts & UV Rental

Mont Cuet Landfill