Public Utilities

Making Water Fit for Public Consumption and Reuse
You’re tasked with supplying a basic service to consumers and communities. But we know there’s nothing basic about analysing, treating and transporting water. Xylem is here to help you provide the best water quality with a complete range of advanced treatment solutions. And our energy-efficient products and systems safely move water to where it’s needed most for a more highly sophisticated infrastructure.
Working in a true partnership, we listen, learn and adapt to your local environment. So wherever you and your consumers reside, water is delivered ready to use in the most cost-effective manner possible.
In the public utilities industry, Xylem is working throughout every part of the water cycle including:
Transporting water:
·         For public utility water supply networks, Xylem’s powerful pumps draw raw water from its sources – wells, rivers, lakes and oceans
·         Pump systems move water to and from treatment plants, to storage facilities, and on through distribution systems to public utility consumers
Treating water:
·         Membrane and gravity media filtration systems for purifying and desalinating water; filtration system solutions range from packaged residential units to city-scale treatment installations
·         Disinfection offerings from Xylem include world-class ultraviolet and ozone oxidation solutions for water treatment
·         Integrated solutions combining Xylem technologies and engineering expertise to offer full process design, equipment selection and supply, installation, commissioning and operator training
Analysing water:
·         Analytical sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring water quality, level and flow