Food & Beverage

In Every Serving, in Every Pour, Xylem Ensures Safety for You and Your Customers
​Consumers around the world rely on contaminant-free beverages and food — and you’re responsible for making it happen, while maintaining clean, compliant, efficient plant operations and accurate temperature measurement.
Xylem helps you to deliver, from the use of water in your production lines to the treatment of wastewater generated by your facilities whilst Xylem’s analytical instrumentation ensures food quality and safety throughout production and delivery processes.  
We'll keep your operations running smoothly - by helping you efficiently and cost-effectively achieve optimum safety and quality through a wide array of solutions including:
Xylem products and services for food processing: 
·         Sanitary positive displacement pumps to keep your lines running
·         Hygienic pumps for dairy, wine and food processing
·         Membrane filtration systems produce pure water and water treatment for food processing applications
·         Dissolved oxygen meters
·         Digital refractometers
Xylem products and services for beverage processing and dispensing: 
·         Full line of wash-down, bottle washing and filling, disinfection and oxidation products
·         Dissolved oxygen meters and digital refractometers
·         Our beer chilling pumps feature our patented Liquid Inlet Protection Systems to significantly prolong the life and performance of heavily used restaurant-grade kegs and casks 
·         Our full range of reliable, life-long pumps are ideal for long-draw, high-volume keg or cask beer dispensing installations of up to 1,000 feet 
·         Innovative range of pumps for syrups and juices shortens the dispensing time and reduces waste
·         Our bottled water dispensing pump systems dispense water directly into your equipment

Save up to 80% on water effluent management costs

Water re-use and Mogden charges reductions
Our vast range of water treatment solutions have proven fundamental to our customers when facing unplanned chemical oxygen demand and/or increased effluent discharge due to production expansion. We can help you find the most suitable solution to help you achieve up to 80% savings on your water effluent charges!