The UK quarrying industry is one of the oldest in the country. For hundreds of years quarrying has been an integral part of our industrial heritage. Each year the UK Quarrying industry supports the building of 180,000 homes, maintenance of our 230,000 road and 10,000 mile rail networks plus hospital, school and university improvement programmes.

The industry employs around 20,000 people directly and a similar number indirectly. There are approximately 1,300 quarries in the UK producing £3bn in products every year; employing modern quarrying methods and equipment so that the UK leads the world in environmental standards.
Together, our Flygt and Godwin brands offer us a unique position in the quarrying industry; extending our capabilities and allowing us to offer a wider range of solutions to customers in this sector.
​In June 2012 exhibited at Hillhead, showcasing a number of our dewatering products from both our Flygt and Godwin brands and also staging a "Godwin Challenge" with the prize for the fastest team to service one of our Godwin pumps, an actual Godwin HL80M pump worth £20,000!

Flygt and Godwin now together under the Xylem banner

​Hillhead 2012 brought you a first in dewatering, with Flygt and Godwin showcased together for the first time. 

With Flygt and Godwin now together under the Xylem umbrella we can offer a complete portfolio of dewatering products to handle any application in the quarrying industry.

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