Leader in Diffused Aeration

We provide a comprehensive water treatment offering - from biological treatment and process engineering to turnkey projects. Our product range encompasses both fine and coarse bubble aeration systems.


Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration


We are able to offer the latest cutting-edge diffused aeration technology, with the recent launch of the Sanitaire Gold Series, a modular diffuser system that offers higher oxygen transfer efficiency, resulting in lower air flow rates, lower back pressure and reduced cost of long term ownership.
The Gold Series diffuser compliments Xylem’s already broad portfolio of aeration products such as the well established and time proven Sanitaire Silver Series II membrane diffusers, widely utilised in the municipal water industry; and our LP (Low Pressure) membrane that is an excellent solution for applications where the back pressure allowed on the blower is already defined, such as a refurbishment.


Coarse Bubble Diffused Aeration


Our coarse bubble aeration systems feature an innovative air reservoir design with dual horizontal levels of diffusion for uniform air distribution. A pocket of air in the centre of the diffuser reduces clogging, while a bottom deflector prevents debris from entering the diffuser.

Sanitaire coarse bubble aeration systems are suitable for use in everything from aeration tanks, SAS storage and mixing, storm water holding basins and other mixing and air scouring applications.

Download our complete Aeration portfolio brochure here or take a closer look at our innovative Sanitaire Gold Series aeration diffusers.
For more information about our Sanitaire Aeration systems, take a look at our Sanitaire Brand Site.