Flygt Experior™ Inspired by you. Engineered by us.

Welcome to a new era in our ongoing tradition of innovative wastewater pumping: an era where engineering excellence and pioneering spirit combine with an unmatched understanding of your needs.
Now, it’s time for you to move up to a revolutionary pumping experience called Flygt Experior. It builds on the premise that the most efficient and reliable pump is only achieved when three keystones work seamlessly and completely together, namely the hydraulics, the control, and the motor.
Flygt Experior is our proud contribution to excellence within pumping. Excellence that can only come from the true leaders within wastewater pumping. It builds on our unbeatable pumping and application knowledge. And it is engineered to lead you into the future.
Flygt Experior™. Reliability, efficiency, and simplicity
Flygt Experior gives you the freedom to combine the most technologically advanced features and components, most relevant to your wastewater environment. So you actually have the option to select the most perfect pump possible for your needs.
Flygt Experior incorporates state-of-the-art hydraulics, premium motors, and intelligent controls. In each case, only the products that meet the stringent Flygt demands of reliability and efficiency are selected.
Flygt Experior is the stamp of approval that you are getting the best of the best. The result? State-of-the-art pumping that delivers the ultimate in reliability, efficiency, and simplicity.
 Benefits of Flygt Experior™
  • Adaptive N-hydraulics further improves the clog-free, energy-saving pump performance
  • N-technology is suited for speed regulation, as self-cleaning functionality operates independently of rotational speed
  • SmartRun control is pre-programmed to meet specific wastewater customer requirements
  • Up to 4% higher motor efficiency than the nominal premium efficiency motor standard
  • Single supplier to deliver the optimum pumping solution. This includes the pump, motor, and intelligent control
To find out more about Flygt Experior, click here to visit our dedicated brand site or download the Flygt Experior brochure