The Flygt Active Seal™ System
The Active Seal system is introduced in a new generation of Flygt Plug-In seals, as well as in many Flygt double seal systems with separate single seals. This zero-leakage system prevents liquid from penetrating into the stator housing.
The innovative design lets the inner seal act as a micro-pump, continuously preventing liquid from entering the motor cavity. This creates a pumping action through the rotation of the laser-cut pumping vanes on the seal face. At the same time the outer
seal prevents leakage of the pumped media into the buffer chamber.

Easily upgradeable
The new Plug-In seals with the Active Seal system are completely interchangeable with the old generation of Plug-In seals. The new active inner seal is also interchangeable with existing inner seals for many Flygt double seal systems with separate single seals.
O-ring kit
Since O-rings loose the elasticity and their original shape over time, it’s crucial to replace every one of them every time you dismantle your pump or mixer. Flygt’s O-ring kits conveniently provide you with the right number and correct size O-rings for your specific pump or mixer – with just the ordering number. Made of nitrile or fluorinated rubber, our O-rings seal effectively at both high and low temperatures. The kits are available for our most commonly used pumps and mixers.
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