Spare Parts

Genuine Flygt parts are made in the same processes and to the same exact specifications as the original products. Undoubtedly, using lesser spare parts would significantly reduce the value of your well-informed initial investment.
The resources of our production plants add up to excellent delivery capacity. And, to ensure availability, our products and parts are distributed worldwide via our highly efficient distribution centers.

To keep up our high standards throughout the organization, our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001, and our environment management system according to ISO 14001.
Parts policy
Flygt assures customers of an efficient supply chain and the ready availability of spare parts. We guarantee spare part availability up to 20 years after a product is out of production. And our guarantee of spare parts availability is 5 -20 years, depending on the product in operation.
Flygt Service kits
Flygt understands that when you need service kits, you want them fast. That’s why we always have an exceptionally large number of kits in stock, in order to ensure rapid delivery. We also have the expertise to match the right service kits with the special demands of your application. You can rest assured that with a Flygt service kit, you have all the parts you need for your product, before you commence on servicing.
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