N-Pump Upgrade Kits

N-impeller upgrade kit
Flygt has a philosophy that is built on ensuring that you maximize your return on investment. Our revolutionary N-technique with the self-cleaning impeller makes it possible to maintain high pumping efficiency, even in fluids with a high level of solids and fibers. All Flygt wastewater pumps, for example the C-pumps, can be simply and swiftly upgraded to N-pumps with our comprehensive upgrade kits.

The upgrade kit allows you to:
·         Cut the cost of regular maintenance and emergency repairs by reducing the risk of clogging        
·     Boost the operational efficiency of your existing equipment
·     Improve the return on your original investment


Grinder kit
This kit contains all the parts normally needed for exchanging the impeller in a grinder pump. Each package includes a cutter wheel, sleeve and impeller. The cutter wheel and impeller are easy to mount because they are pressed together before leaving our factory.
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