Sewers for Adoption



‘Sewers for Adoption’ (SFA) was first introduced by the Government in 1981. The legislation sets out guidelines to ensure that developers build pumping stations that are compliant with the specifications agreed by the local Water Company, to allow them to be ‘adopted’ at a later date.

These guidelines also mean that many pumping stations requiring full replacement or refurbishment will also have to meet the standards set out by the local Water Company and from 1st October 2016, these legislations will be put in place.
In designing our range of Packaged Pumping Stations, Xylem has worked closely with a number of Water Companies to create a product that is suitable for adoption. Working to the standards specified by an individual Water Company, we can design and deliver a PPS that not only conforms to the standards required for pipework, valve layout, pump types, level and control specifications but also benefits from the Flygt patented design and quality assurance.
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