Monitoring & Control

The same great knowledge and experience that builds the best pumps in the world lets us control and monitor your pumping station.
Control Panels
Xylem has developed for the UK markets a comprehensive range of pump control panels, from the simplest type with basic start and stop functions to highly sophisticated, intelligent Smart panels using state-of–the-art monitoring and control systems. Here at Xylem we have the experience and knowledge to supply you with the right panel or monitoring & control technologies, to make your packaged pumping station function optimally.
Pump Controllers & Managers
Flygt offers a complete range of pre-configured pump and process controllers to suit all sizes of pumping stations, including those used in water and wastewater treatment plants. Exclusively designed for pumping applications, their standard features mean users can easily operate the entire range. All pump controllers have a user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) front panel and can be connected to supervisory control systems.


General alarm and monitoring units
Also available from Flygt is a full range of ultra-low power, multifunctional data loggers with telemetry for remote monitoring. These can monitor, log and alert customers to a wide range of conditions and events, either locally or remotely – even where power and/or communication (PSTN) are not available (e.g. in a reservoir or a combined sewer overflow)

Flygt offers a wide range of IP rated starters to suit the various pump models.
Level/pump sensors
From float and pressure sensors to ultrasonic’s, we can provide the sensor you need to monitor the pump(s) in your pumping station.
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SCADA software systems
Flygt AquaView is a SCADA software system for the monitoring and control of entire pumping station systems data including pumped volume, inflow, water levels and other pump statistics which are clearly viewed and easily accessible from remote locations, your office or even the comfort of your home. AquaView also features a foreseeing alarm, to predict and avoid problems which could cause serious damage.

Variable Speed / Frequency Drives – PumpSmart
PumpSmart is a concept that’s been tailored for driving wastewater pumps efficiently and effectively. It combines industry standard VFD hardware with our specialist wastewater pump software. As pump experts, we know exactly what you need – so we preset almost 90% of the parameters that drive your pumps. With PumpSmart you can expect all the advantages of speed regulation, plus top pumping efficiency.

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