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TOPS Packaged Pumping Stations 

The Flygt TOPS Packaged Pumping Stations are available as fully adoptable stations under the latest SFA guidelines, and have been approved by many of the Water Companies in the UK. The standard Flygt TOPS PPS comes in a range of sizes for depths between 2 and 6 metres, and capacities between 4 and 95 litres per second. Bespoke units with increased storage volumes are available on request. Incorporated is the patented TOPS benching unit which improves the flow over the sump floor during pumping. This increase in turbulence causes re-suspension of solids and entrainment of floating debris. The result is more solids being removed from the sump, leaving a minimum sludge accumulation in the sump which cuts the cost of service calls. Delivered as a prefabricated kit, the TOPS Packaged Pumping Station is easy to install and time saving.

Quality construction
The Flygt TOPS Packaged Pumping Station tank is constructed from Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GRP); a strong, lightweight material with superior resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing your pumping station a long life.
Combined with Flygt submersible pumps and accessories it ensures the performance of the TOPS Packaged Pumping Station.
All raw materials meet ISO 2797 and ISO 2559
All stations are batch tested to BS EN 12050
TOPS performance and cleaning
The TOPS sump is a patented self-cleaning benching unit which is hydraulically optimised to increase turbulence during pumping. Originally cast from concrete, we have today incorporated the patented design into our GRP packaged pumping stations.
The TOPS design was extensively researched and tested by Flygt, which included such factors as floor clearances and spacing between adjacent pumps before the self-cleaning benching design or TOPS was finalised.
Then, in a series of comparative performance tests, sumps with varying diameters and floor configurations were tested to gauge their ability, versus the TOPS design, to prevent sludge build-up and re-suspend solids.
The flat shape of a traditional pumping station sump floor, allows for the build-up of sludge, requiring regular cleaning. This is time consuming and expensive and can present safety hazards to personnel. With the Flygt TOPS design, you can forget regular costly maintenance and expensive unplanned maintenance visits to remove solids.
Available with separate valve chamber and constructed in accordance to the requirements of SFA 7th edition
Standard tank diameter from 1.2m to 2.5m
Complete range of monitoring and control equipment available to meet SFA 7th edition requirements
Wide range of pipework sizes and access covers
Large variety of pump motor sizes and impeller combinations to suit all applications
Bespoke sizes available on request
TOPS Optimal Pumping Station
For the science and technical data behing our TOPS packaged pumping station and our patented Flygt benching units, why not download a copy of our whitepaper? To take a closer look, click here.
Retrofitting made easy
All of the mechanical and electrical equipment required in the fit out of your concrete ring pumping station
Flygt Slick Kits
Flygt Slick Kits are specifically for pumping stations constructed on site using concrete rings. Each kit contains all necessary individual components to fit out the pumping station which include:
• Flygt Pump (3045 to 3153)
• Discharge Connections
• Pipework
• Flange adapters and fixings
• Valves
• Level Regulators
• Control Panel
• Alarm Beacon (optional)
• Kiosk (optional)
• Access Frame and Cover
Flygt Systems Engineers have designed a series of standard station designs, each fitted out with the parts included in the appropriate Slick Kit. By providing us with your technical specification we will provide you with detailed drawings* and itemised parts.
*at time of purchase
TOPS Benching Unit
For concrete pumping stations, we have available the Flygt TOPS Benching Unit, which contains the same patented TOPS sump design as found in our TOPS Packaged Pumping Station, and is constructed from GRP.
For more information about our Flygt slick kits and our patented benching units, call 0115 940 7801, email or make an online enquiry here.
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Contact Us
For more information or for enquiries about our TOPS Packaged Pumping Stations, call us on 0115 940 0111, email or fill in our online enquiry form here!