Packaged Pumping Stations

At the heart of each Packaged Pumping Station provided by Xylem is the Flygt pump itself. Flygt are the originators of the submersible pump, and as the largest manufacturer in the world, offers a wide choice of pumps to suit the most arduous applications.
The Flygt range is one of the most comprehensive in the market place which has developed through countless year of experience. The TOP’s range is fully compliant with the latest Sewers for Adoption specifications, and can also be tailored to meet individual Water Company requirements (Please click on the link below to find out more information on Sewers for Adoption)
The Xylem Packaged offering
The Xylem range of Packaged Pumping Stations can be adapted to suit most individual requirements. Applications range from domestic wastewater for a single household, through to large housing developments, effluent and wastewater from industrial units and commercial premises. Indeed, in any situation where wastewater needs to be pumped to a mains connection or where you need to upgrade existing arrangements, Xylem has a solution.
The range can incorporate the unique self-cleaning TOPS benched sump which meets the latest Sewers for Adoption standards. The TOPS sump is a patented self-cleaning benching unit which is hydraulically optimised to increase turbulence during pumping, reducing solids build up in the sump resulting in reduced pump failures, and costly maintenance call outs.
For more information regarding the TOPS benching unit please click on below link.
The range does not stop there, as Xylem can also provide all the pumping equipment and accessories required in a concrete ring or refurbishment of a pumping station- and again these can comply with latest Sewers for Adoption (SFA) standards. We can even provide the SFA approved TOP’s benching unit to be retro fitted to existing or new pumping stations.
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