Flygt MagFlux EMF 801

Flygt MagFlux is the easy to install, easy to operate, and accurate solution for flow measurement in your pipes. With more than 6000 installations worldwide and designed to seamlessly integrate with Flygt’s range of pumps and control devices, MagFlux is the reliable way to know what’s happening in your pipes and let you take control of your pump station. MCERTS and WRAS approved​.

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Sensors sizes from DN 15/1/2” up to DN 1200/48”
        –EN or ANSI flanges
Low flow rate down to 0.2 m/sec velocity
0.25% accuracy over the full range from 0.2 m/sec to 10 m/sec
Automatic electrode cleaning
3 pipe diameters upstream and 2 pipe diameters down stream for stated accuracy
Bi-directional sensors - forward and reverse flow direction
        is chosen after installation
Built in data logger (20,000 entries) with graphs is standard

Easy to operate
The 5-line text display and easy-to-use flat intuitive menu structure similar to that of a cell phone, allow MagFlux to display information in a number of available languages. Each display unit can operate and display up to four MagFlux and can be mounted up to 1000 m (3300 ft.) from the sensors. USB connectivity means easy communication and updates using a PC in the field. 

High accuracy even with slow flows
Readings accurate to 0.25% are provided for flow rates from as low as 0.2 m/sec (0.6 ft./sec) to as high as 
10 m/sec (30 ft./sec). MagFlux can even detect when the pipe is empty while the bi-directional sensors allow the flow direction to be set following installation. Automatic electrode cleaning as standard not only keeps your MagFlux accurate, but cuts maintenance time too.

The flexible choice
There’s never been a more flexible flow meter. MagFlux not only allows compact or separate mounting but can withstand submersion to a depth of 10 m (30 ft.). 
With a wide range of available sizes from DN 15/1/2” to DN 1200/48” and a comprehensive range of accessories MagFlux is the right choice for flow measurement no matter the installation.

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