Alarm & Telemetry

What do Telemetry products do?
Our Flygt telemetry product ranges are a range of general controllers and remote terminal units (RTU’s) that monitor more than just the pump; it will monitor, control and relay data from key assets with the aim of reducing any downtime and preventing incidents.
These products function in many applications including remote monitoring and control of pumping stations, combined sewer overflows, water level management, flood alleviation schemes and remote assets generally.
Benefits / Features
• Wide range of power options from Mains powered to Ultra low battery / self-powered
• All equipment self-contained within robust, weatherproof IP67 enclosure
• Alarm dial-out to multi-users (Aquaview, Xylem Bureau or SMS text messaging)
• Range of units with differing signal input options
• Data-logging facility (event, alarm & sequence)
• Intelligent charging techniques to maximize battery capacity and service life
• Highly accurate level measurement – up to 16-bit
• Powerful on-board software programming, providing local control
• Peer to Peer communication (Site to Site) over IP or GPRS
• Industry standard communication protocols – Modbus, DNPv3 and WITS DNPv3
• Wide range of communications media options available
• Low power housings available (Bollard or Solar Panel Kiosk)
The Telemetry range provides an ‘easy to use’ approach and all products in the range have a local user interface. Mains, DC and battery powered units are available. The battery unit, still offering full alarm monitoring, logging and remote communication, can operate on a single set of standard ’D’ cell batteries for over 5 years.
Ideal for those hard to reach areas where costs to date have proved too high to justify installation.

WITS (Water Industry Telemetry Standards) Protocol
As one of the founder members of the WITS protocol standards, our Flygt brand telemetry equipment is WITS accredited.