Pump Controllers & Managers

Xylem offers a complete range of pump controllers and pump station managers to suit all sizes of pumping stations from small to large.

Pump Controllers are designed to manage pumping applications and our range can offer a number of solutions including; comprehensive pump control, advanced pump supervision, flow calculation, built in communication, precise level measurement, effective cleaning functions, monitoring of energy costs, disaster control, remote control and maintenance support.



• Local status display on site
• Comprehensive pump control
• Advanced pump supervision
• Accurate flow calculation
• Built in communication
• Capacity calculation
• Blocking of pumps
• High data memory
• Flexible and expandable platform
• Precise level measurement
• Supervision of pump condition
• Effective cleaning functions
• Monitoring of energy costs
• Safe alarm handling
• Alarm masking control
• Maintenance support
• Remote control and reports
• Open architecture
• Web access
• Free-programmable
• Energy optimisation
• Dynamic phase angle / power factor monitoring
• Insulation resistance test (IRT)

FGC Series

Flygt MultiSmart

Flygt MyConnect