We can keep your business moving effectively and efficiently with our Flygt range of mixers capable of installation in a variety of applications. 

Compact mixers
The 4600 Flygt series of direct drive, stainless steel mixers provide cost effective mixing solutions for solids suspension and liquid blending.

Submersible mixers have a compact design, which together with unique installation techniques makes them easy to install both in new and existing tanks.
Slow speed mixers (Banana Blades)
Gentle mixing of large volumes can be achieved at impressively low power consumption with the 4410 and 4430 Flygt mixers. They are equipped with a gearbox and a large diameter propeller.

These mixers are frequently used for solids suspension, blending and destratification.
Top-Entry Agitators
When deep tank mixing is essential for wastewater treatment processes, Flygt top-entry agitators deliver outstanding cost-effective performance for applications that involve all types of fluids, including high DS fibrous sludge.
Engineered for energy efficiency, hy­gienic handling and ease of instal­lation and service, these agitators combine dry-installed drives with submersible shaft and impellers for digester mixing, de-nitrification processes and sludge storage mixing.
Submersible mixing
Apart from the convenient installation, submersible mixers often provide the most energy-efficient solutions compared to other alternatives.

All submersible mixers generate a jet. By utilising the freedom in submersible mixer positioning, the jet is allowed to develop and create an efficient mixing of the entire volume.
Installation methods
Quick and easy installation with low capital investment is one of the key features of submersible mixers. There are several methods that can be used for installing submersible mixers and Xylem Water Solutions offers well-proven, complete installation systems.


Compact Mixers

Slow Speed Mixers

The Art of Mixing

Top-Entry Agitators

Installation Methods