There are a number of accessories that Flygt provides to make life easier for our customers, including discharge connections, a variety of submersible cables, liquid level regulators, non-return valves, hoses and couplings, monitoring packages, guide rails and many more.
We also have the innovative Flygt Easylift; a versatile portable frame, designed to meet the working at heights regulations. Easylift has been designed to lift a pump out from a sump in a safe manner and for the operative to then simply slide it to one side for safe inspection. To ensure the safety of the operative, a fall arrest harness can be attached to the frame which also has been designed for single man riding. The Flygt Easylift is made from lightweight aluminium and is portable and easy to set-up.
For more information on accessories available or for a quote, email or call 0115 940 0111.

Electrical Accessories

Mechanical Accessories