Company Facts

Xylem Water Solutions is a world leader in submersible product supply and technology for heavy duty pumping and mixing. Every year we supply over 100,000 submersible units and meet the exact needs of our customers through the wide variety of products offered. Our submersibles are found in a broad range of pumping, mixing and aeration applications:
  • municipal, industrial, commercial and domestic waste water systems
  • sewage treatment plants and storm water systems
  • dewatering and drainage
  • mining, tunnelling, quarrying and power industry
  • construction
  • agriculture, aquaculture and irrigation
  • raw water supply and treatment
  • any application requiring transfer, handling or treatment of waste and storm water or effluents
Flygt's 50 year history is one of pioneering achievements in product development. Flygt originated the revolutionary, close-coupled, submersible, motor driven, waste water pump. Since 1948, we have been at the forefront in new developments such as:
  • submersible waste water pumps
  • solids handling submersibles
  • slurry pumps
  • propeller pumps
  • mixers, aerators and recirculation pumps
  • pressure drainage systems
  • control and monitoring systems
Each Flygt submersible unit is assembled from perfectly matched motor and hydraulic end modules in order to achieve maximum efficiency and economy.
Should you require more specific details on any item, or for technical and sales advice, please contact our Head office on 0115 940 0111 where we will be happy to assist with your inquiry.
The Flygt name is synonymous with efficient, versatile products of the highest quality. Before a product is released it is subjected to meticulous performance tests. Only after passing those tests is it issued with the Flygt Test Certificate certifying compliance with international standards of quality to ISO 9001.
Flygt offers a comprehensive range of long and short term services to choose from:
  • three levels of contract maintenance
  • servicing of any make of submersible equipment
  • a stand alone breakdown service
  • workshop and on-site repairs
Flygt Rental puts the world's largest selection of submersible pumps, mixers and aerators at your fingertips.
A reliable and flexible service, offering 24/7 rental from our nationwide network of Service and Rental Centres.
For assistance with all your service and hire needs, contact:
Service & Rental national call centre 0845 707 8012
Xylem Water Solutions
Colwick Nottingham NG4 2AN
Tel 0115 940 0111 Fax 0115 940 0444