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Re-inventing Flyps, Xylect

Re-inventing Flyps, Xylect

Xylect is Flyps re-invented
After over a decade of faithful pump selection service, Flyps has been retired and re-invented. Xylect is the new Flyps. It's web-enabled and with many more features and live document links than before.
You can check it out at www.xylect.com

Xylect Online

A New Era Experior

A New Era Experior

A new era in wastewater technology - Flygt Experior
Technologies that are inspired by you - engineered by us. New developments for the three main areas of Flygt pumping technology - Hydraulics, Motors and Intelligent Controls.
Learn all about Experior here

Experior at Flygt.com

Wedeco Spektron

Wedeco Spektron

The new generation Spektron 'E' Series
With around 40 reactors installed in New Zealand, the latest developments in UV lamp and ballast technology make Spektron a compelling choice for drinking water disinfection.
Find out more on the Spektron 'E' Series

Spektron at Wedeco.com

Impeller Magazine now Online

Impeller Magazine now Online

Impeller is now online
After 50 years of reporting on water issues and technological developments, Xylem's Impeller Magazine is now online in 11 different languages. It puts the world of water in context with videos, interviews and reports from experts and customers alike from all round the globe.

Impeller Magazine Online

Over 40 Years in New Zealand

Xylem has been supplying and servicing New Zealand for over 40 years with a national network of sales, rental and service capabilities. As a leader in product innovation and system engineering in water and wastewater technologies, we create value for our customers by offering complete product, supply and service packages.
We have a versatile product range that expands across many markets, with the capability of providing the right solution in pumping, mixing, water disinfection, solids macerating, filtration and airation.                                                        
What's more, thanks to our sustainable policies, this is done in the most efficient and  environmentally friendly way possible.

Welcome to 2014

We hope you had a great festive season and we are now back into the full swing of things.

You can contact us from anywhere in New Zealand on 0800 33 19 14 or fax us on 09 4158679.

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SIX Market Leading Brands

​At Xylem, we have six market leading brands, each delivering innovative and effective solutions. This makes Xylem New Zealand's premier provider of critical water and wastewater solutions.
Our products can be found worldwide, transporting water in hundreds of different operations. Whether it's drinking water to the 50th floor of a skyscraper or drainage water up a mine shaft, Flygt, Godwin, Leopold, Sanitaire, Wedeco and Multitrode can handle it.