Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems


The WEDECO Quadron™ system is the ideal solution whenever the space available for installing a UV disinfection system is at a premium. With a reactor length of just 1,200 millimeters (47.24”) and a maximum flowrate of 4,100 m³/h (26 MGD), this UV system offers tremendous flexibility and capability for water treatment plants large and small.
The unique shape, in conjunction with the patented OptiCone™ flow diverter at the inlet, guarantees excellent flow conditions at every installation situation. Even with a close coupled 90 degree bend, the OptiCone™ still ensures even flow distribution without turbulence or cavitation.
Fitted with variable power medium pressure UV lamps, the Quadronsystem is designed for high performance in order to ensure successful disinfection and is ready for every eventuality. The chemical-free cleaning system and one sensor-per lamp monitoring system ensure that correct UV dose is always applied.

Efficient Disinfection, Through Superior Design

Thanks to its compact dimensions, high UV performance and optimized flow conditions, the WEDECO Quadron system is the ideal alternative to chlorination systems or outdated UV systems.