Leisure & Water Parks

Many leisure locations and water parks rely on the efficient flow of water for pools, water rides, fountains and other applications.

Xylem produces the most complete line of dependable quality pumps and water treatment systems for commercial pools, water rides, water features, fountains and water parks available anywhere.
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​We provide a wide array of products and accessories for the leisure and amusement park industry including:
  • A complete line of NSF-certified end-suction centrifugal, vertical turbine, split-case and self-priming pumps for virtually every commercial pool, water park and fountain application
  • Powerful submersible centrifugal, propeller, mixed flow, vertical turbine, multi-stage and hydraulic pumps for raw water intakes; water supply applications for water rides, surf rides and fountains
  • A wide range of dewatering and drainage pumps, sewage and effluent handling pumps and packaged pump stations
  • UV and ozone oxidation systems with a wide range of flow rates for water disinfection
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems for producing high-quality water for commercial water park applications