Agricultural productivity depends in part on efficient and reliable irrigation systems.

In all areas of the world, Xylem provides reliable and durable products that cut energy and life cycle costs of ownership.
​Our irrigation systems can be found hard at work in the agricultural irrigation market including drawing water from deep wells and reservoirs to powering irrigation pipelines to controlling and monitoring the flow of water through irrigation systems.
Xylem products and systems for the irrigation market include:
  • Pumps: 
    • Pump products and control systems for irrigation including heavy-duty submersible centrifugal, propeller and mixed-flow pumps, vertical turbine, borehole, stainless steel, single-stage and multistage pumps
  • Pump packages:
    • Efficient turnkey pump packages and booster pump sets for golf courses, landscapes, sporting fields and other venues to manage and measure water use in irrigation systems
  • Monitoring and control:
    • Pump station controls
    • Variable-speed controls for energy efficient water pumping
    • Integrated water management systems enabling precise irrigation control via the Internet
    • SCADA Systems built using “off the shelf” modular hardware