After-Sales for WEDECO UV & Ozone systems

With thousands of Wedeco ozone & UV systems installed worldwide, Xylem Water Solutions has the experience to provide the highest level of after sales support for all of our systems. Our service centers are found in more than 50 countries and are supported by hundreds of trained technicians worldwide. Using our global experience working with major UV & ozone projects around the world and complementing this with our strong local team of technicians, Xylem Water Solutions is ready to respond to any after-sales inquiry.

WEDECO Spare Parts
Ensure the long lifetime of your UV & Ozone systems by using WEDECO original spare parts. Wedeco parts are designed to fit perfectly with your existing UV or Ozone system and ensure its optimal performance. Xylem Water Solutions offers: 
  • 12 month warranty for all WEDECO original spare parts. 
  • High availability of all WEDECO spare parts that are essential for proper operation of your system (including WEDECO UV lamps, ballasts & quartz sleeves). 
  • Operator training for maintenance of your system.

In addition, we also supply parts for various WEDECO brands such as KATADYN & TRAILIGAZ. Simply supply your local Wedeco representative with the type of system, its serial number along with the part name required and you will quickly receive the needed quotation.
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