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Variable speed wastewater pumping

Variable speed wastewater pumping White Paper

During the last 10 –15 years the industry has seen a significant increase in the adaptation of variable frequency drives (VFD’s) in wastewater transport systems. A general desire is to better control the wastewater flow through the pump stations. Variable speed systems can provide a more flexible.... Read the White Paper

Material Selection for Wastewater Pumps

New White Paper - Material Selection for Wastewater Pumps

Wastewater can sometimes be both corrosive and abrasive. Selecting the most suitable material for wastewater pumps is therefore crucial to obtaining a reliable, long-lasting and cost-effective operation. This paper provides recommendations for suitable wastewater pump materials and protection for use with different media. Read the White Paper

White paper - Material Selection for Wastewater Pumps

Experior eliminates clogging issues

Flygt Experior eliminates serious clogging issues

Flygt Experior eliminates serious clogging issues and reduces energy consumption at Louisiana pump stations by 50 percent. As part of a planned four-station trial, Gulf States Engineering, a
local Xylem Flygt representative, installed the recently introduced Flygt Experior™ pump system. Read the full Case Story

White paper - Material Selection for Wastewater Pumps

3 New Industrial Brochures Available

Biogas - Fracturing - Mining

Flygt Biogas Technology - Xylem Hydraulic Fracturing - Xylem Complete Solutions for Mine Water Balance.
Read these new brochures and more

Flygt Webinar: Modern Trash Challenges

Modern Trash. Challenges at Municipal Wastewater Collection Systems
Municipalities continue to be burdened with poorly performing collection systems due to the increasing level of nonwoven “flushable” items by users. Operational costs are skyrocketing resulting from increased energy usage due to clogging in solids-handling pumps. Maintenance budgets are unnecessarily consumed as staff frequently need to pull pumps to remove clogs.

Join us on to learn about today’s Modern Trash and the so called “flushables” that are creating challenges for collection systems and about the strategies and technologies available to handle them.
Click here to listen to the webinar recording.

Xylem's New Treatment Website

Learn mixing basics from the mixing experts. Watch the FREE webinar now.
See Xylem’s entire Treatment portfolio on the new Treatment website. This site will help you find solutions quickly, experience our broad portfolio of products and solutions and get core information. Visit it today to learn more about Leopold, Wedeco, Flygt and Sanitaire brands.