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Solving Water Together

Solving Water Together: The Xylem Way

We are pleased to share with you a new animated video, “Solving Water Together: The Xylem Way.” It explains how we help solve your most critical water needs in an easy to understand and entertaining way View the video

Reuse Saves Scarce Resources

LA Story: Advanced Treatment, Reuse Saves Scarce Water Resources

Importing water is an unsustainable response to persistent drought. The smarter solution is to reuse local resources through advanced purification and aquifer recharge. But how do you ensure safety and efficiency before committing to a treatment technology? A unique piloting tool from Xylem’s Wedeco brand. Listen to the Podcast

LA Story: Advanced Treatment, Reuse Saves Scarce Water Resources

Experior eliminates clogging issues

Flygt Experior eliminates serious clogging issues

Flygt Experior eliminates serious clogging issues and reduces energy consumption at Louisiana pump stations by 50 percent. As part of a planned four-station trial, Gulf States Engineering, a
local Xylem Flygt representative, installed the recently introduced Flygt Experior™ pump system. Read the full Case Story

White paper - Material Selection for Wastewater Pumps

New 24-Month Clog-Free Guarantee

Introducing the 24-Month Clog-Free Guarantee on N-pumps with SmartRun®

Promises, promises. You’ve heard them before. But in the world of wastewater pumping, words are meaningless unless backed with action. That’s why we are now offering a 24-Month Clog-Free Guarantee on Flygt N-pumps equipped with SmartRun® intelligent control.
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How Low Can You Go? Live Webinar Recording

Listen to the Webinar

Minimizing mixing energy in activated sludge selector basins Live Webinar | Nov 4, 2016
With the goal to minimize energy consumption in the BNR process, a mixing energy pilot study is under way at MMSD in Milwaukee, WI. Results show that power consumption of only 0.28 W/m3 is sufficient to fully homogenize activated sludge.  This record-setting low energy mixing is achieved using a high-efficiency adjustable-thrust submersible mixer with optimum position in a BNR selector zone. The zone dimensions are 48 ft long x 30 ft wide x 15 ft deep. TSS profiles, phosphorous removal and power measurements were studied as mixing energy in the selector basin was gradually reduced over time.

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