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The New Online Impeller

How has the world of water changed in the last 50 years? Since 1962, when Impeller magazine was founded, innovations in the treatment and transport of water have made communities healthier and safer, and made businesses more efficient and profitable. Yet we still have much to do.

In October 2011, the world met Xylem, a new water company spun off from ITT Corporation. As a producer of some of the leading water technology brands in the world, Xylem is prepared to meet the water challenges of the next 50 years. But we will also need your help, working together to develop new solutions to the water issues we face today.

As the water sector evolves, so too does Impeller. In order to get closer to our readers, Impeller magazine is going online. This new multimedia magazine will continue to provide insightful and useful commentary that puts the world of water in context. Want to find out how we are solving water?

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