Bringing NEW levels of efficiency to wastewater handling applications
Reduced pumping efficiency, high energy and maintenance costs shouldn’t be a fact of life in wastewater handling. The N-Pump series from Flygt features a radical new hydraulic end design which ensures efficient, reliable and trouble-free pumping over long duty periods.
The result: improved operational economy which can dramatically reduce the total life cost of your installation.

The N-Pumps maintain a high level of pumping efficiency, even in fluids with a high solids and fibrous content, thanks to a unique open-type self cleaning impeller. This is complemented by a special relief groove in the volute. This design greatly reduces the risk of clogging by the self cleaning flow path through the pump. The result is lower power consumption, even under the worst conditions.

Extensive field and laboratory tests have proved that the N-Pump is superior to any state-of-the-art wastewater pump design, both in efficiency and clog resistance.