Sizes 86-123 TV

 Sizes 86-123 TV with semiaxal hydraulics
Discharge casing with threaded connection. Flange adapter optional.
Built-in check valve as standard; can be deleted, on request.
Stage casing 80-83 TV with separate and 84-85 TV with integrated diffusers. Low loss design for optimum flow conditions.
Bronze guide bearing with sleeve of stainless steel.
Closed radial impellers.
Impellers keyed to shaft.
Shaft made from stainless steel.
Suction casing designed for optimum flow approach to first stage.
Suction strainer to prevent clogging.
Coupling shrinked onto pump shaft.
Motor adapters 6" and 8" motors according to NEMA standard with splined shaft. Additional axial upthrust bearing in the suction casing of the pump.