Borehole - 5", HX


Supplying water in general, avoiding problems with suction, unpriming and noise
Presenting the HX range from Flygt. Compact 5 diameter, multi-impel-ler, high-performance, submersible pumps in stainless steel, AISI 304. In all, there are seven sizes offering a wide range of applications:

Transfer of raw water from rivers or lakes
Irrigation of gardens by means of rainwater collected in tanks, or river water
Transfer of groundwater from springs and wells, bored 6 or dug
Watering of live-stock
Irrigation of farmland
Pressurising water silently while submerged in tank indoors Features
Liquid end is situated under elec-tric motor which is cooled by the pumped fluid
Impellers of the centrifugal type for high efficiency and maximum running economy
Double seal system for electric motor
Lower mechanical seal in silicone carbide to resist wear
Second seal of lip type. Should the pump run dry, the seal system is not
damaged, no infiltrations in the motor
Large scale use of stainless steel
Horizontal installation
Single phase version with termal overload protection
HX product catalog (354 KB)
water supply & irrigation pumps