Borehole - 5", HX


Pump Components

1 Delivery outlet 1 ¼"
2 Hook for safety rope
3 Testing hole for injecting com-pressed air to check the hermetic seal of the motor gaskets
4 Terminal covering cap, in techno-polymer
5 Top bearing
6 External sleeve and top support, in stainless steel AISI 304
7 Motor housing, in stainless steel AISI 304
8 Dry motor, with class F windings and built-in protection device (for single-phase versions)
9 Bottom bearing
10 Oil chamber with non-toxic oil that complies with (A) the stan-dard for oils in contact with food products, as specified in the sup-plement to the GU No. 104 of 20/04/1973 (B) the Food & Drug Administration standards.
11 Intermediate support, in die-cast aluminium
12 Top seal, lip type
13 Mechanical seal seat, in techno-polymer
14 Mechanical seal SIC-SIC, in sili-cone carbide, resistant to abrasion
15 Shaft, hexagonal type, in stain-less steel; transmits movement to the impellers without the use of keys
16 Diffuser, in stainless steel AISI 304
17 Impeller, radial type, made of technopolymer
18 Lower bearing, in special rubber with lubrification grooves (for versions with more than four impellers)
19 Inlet strainer, in stainless steel, doesn’t allow solid bodies bigger than 2,5 mm