It's quality that counts"

Xylem Water Solutions is one of the world´s largest manufacturers of pumps.
The most critical component in any submersible product is the mechanical seal. Consequently, the correct selection of materials is crucial for long-term reliable operation. To ensure that the seals meet the demands Xylem Water Solutions has chosen to design and manufacture its own seals in-house, ensuring rapid and accurate response to any questions or application problems that may arise.


Corrosion resistant materials
The choice of material is vitally important for seal performance. A good face material must also exhibit good sliding properties, high stiffness, high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. On top of this, it must also be chemically compatible with the medium. WCCR is the optimum choice in most applications. Its superior sliding properties mean significantly less wear between the two seal surfaces, offering a longer life with less risk of leakage.

Selecting materials for the other components of the seal, such as springs and retaining devices, is as important as the choosing of the correct materials for the seal faces and static seals.


  1. A few reasons for choosing Xylem Water Solutions:
  2. Xylem Water Solutions high quality Flygt seals are manufactured using only the finest and rigorously tested materials.
    Our seals are designed and manufactured solely for submersible products.
    Flygt is at the forefront in seal technology with continuous research development and testing.
    Customer reassurance that Flygt seals will give long and trouble free service life.
    Product technical support and back-up are always available.
    Major seal manufacturer for almost 50 years.