N-Pump upgrade kits

Upgrade kits boost operational efficiency of your existing pumps
Xylem Water Solutions design philosophy has always been to build equipment that gives you a maximum return on your investment. That means designing pumps for a long service life with minimum downtime.

If you already operate an installation with Xylem Water Solutions C-Pumps, the new N-Pump upgrade kit gives you an opportunity to further extend the operational life of your equipment and gain the superior pumping efficiencies of the N-Pump range.

Each kit contains everything you need to upgrade your existing pumps to N-Pump standard, and there's a kit available for most C-Pump models (please check with your Xylem Water Solutions representative which models apply). Kits are easy to install and fully supported by the Xylem Water Solutions Service Network.

The upgrade kit allows you to:
Cut the cost of regular maintenance and emergency repairs by reducing the risk of clogging
Boost the operational efficiency of your existing equipment
Improve the return on your original investment
World-wide service network

No two pumping stations and systems will be alike, so the level of maintenance and support that you require from your service partner will differ according to your situation.
With Xylem Water Solutions, you can choose the type of support package that precisely meets your needs.

From simply supplying pumps to your specifications, to full service assistance on system planning, design, construction, implementation, operation or maintenance: Xylem Water Solutions total service concept means that you get the service you need, on your terms.

15-year spare parts guarantee
We guarantee availability of spare parts for 15 years after we stop production of a pump model. This is just one of the ways in which Flygt guarantees its long-term commitment to customers.