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Agitator for coarser slurries
When pumping coarser slurries, like sand, an agitator mounted on the pump shaft secures maximum resuspension of settled particles. This makes them easier to transport and ensures a clean sump.

Side-mounted mixer
For large sumps with very coarse and heavy particles and/or the need for homogenous slurry, a side-mounted mixer is available. This works in combination with the agitator for the toughest jobs where the agitator alone cannot prevent sediment build-up.

Internal cooling
An optional internal cooling system available on 5100/5150 means that the pump will continue pumping down to low slurry levels. This also helps to prevent sediment build-up in the sump.

Thanks to the combination of pump and mixer technologies, ITT Water & Wastewater is the only manufacturer offering total slurry pumping solutions: providing you with cost- efficient, durable technology that doesn’t require frequent removal for servicing or repair.