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The world's premier manufacturer of submersible pumps, mixers and mechanical aeration equipment for use in markets ranging from water and wastewater treatment, raw water supply, abrasive or contaminated industrial processes, mining and irrigation.


Whether you buy direct or manage a pumping facility and have in place the worlds leading products you expect a support facility to match the reputation of those products. Xylem Water Solutions, the worlds leading supplier of submersible pumps, aerators, mixers and associated equipment gives you this support through its market leading aftersales department. From the repair of a single pump to the installation and rental of multi pump configurations capable of pumping thousands of gallons of liquid per hour Xylem Water Solutions can give you an aftersales service second to none.

A flexible approach to providing customers with a tailored service has enabled Xylem Water Solutions to develop its aftersales business into a diverse facility geographically spread to serve the UK.

Thousands of customers have placed the care of their equipment in the capable hands of theXylem Water Solutions Service Centres. You can enjoy regular maintenance facilities or simply call on Xylem Water Solutions to solve a problem.

Highly trained service engineers, thorough Health & Safety approach and an ISO 9001 registration are just some of the benefits of using Xylem Water Solutions for your service and repair needs.

So, like many thousands of other pump users, get on board with Xylem Water Solutions and leave your maintenance and repair needs with us.

Sustained pump efficiency - a true measure of hydraulic efficiency

Calculating the real efficiency of a pump is notoriously difficult, particularly in wastewater situations, where multiple variables can affect efficiency calculations. Read more here


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