Packaged pump stations


TOP illustration TOP: The optimum pump station
ITT Water & Wastewater UK Ltd have now shaped the future in self-cleaning sumps with the TOP sump design.

The TOP design gives you:

• An integrated, self-cleaning design
• Minimum residual water volume and maximum sump velocities
• Tested and verified performance
• Proven Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GRP) construction
• Depths between 2 and 6m
• Prefabricated pump station solutions for new applications
• External GRP valve chambers as an option
• Bespoke designs available to meet customer requirements

Standard range
TOP 100S 150L
Diam. (mm) 1500 1800
Depth (m) 2 to 6 2.5 to 6
No. of pumps 2 2
Flow rate (l/s) 4 to 40 4 to 95
Motors (kW) 1 to 7.5 1 to 22
Pipework diam. (mm) 50/65/80/100 50/65/80/100/150


The above information shows the standard tank options available, however the TOP package pumping station can be bespoke manufactured to meet your individual requirements. Please contact your local representative for more information.

How effective is the new TOP sump geometry when compared with older sump designs?
In a series of performance tests conducted in laboratory conditions, sumps with different diameters and floor configurations were evaluated alongside each other to gauge their ability to prevent sediment build-up.

Standard 1600 mm sump vs. TOP 100 sump
Comparing the effectiveness of two dual pump sump designs in a back-to-back test.
The sumps were inter-connected with 49 kg of solids in each and the system was filled with 800 liters of water shared between the two.

Water was pumped back and forth from one sump to the other a total of ten times. Stop level in each case was the top of the volute.
• 94 kg in 1600 mm sump

• 4 kg in TOP 100 sump

TOP image 1 copy Sand and plastic bead deposits (contour marked by a red line) in a 1600 mm sump. The arrows indicate the thickest deposits.
TOP image 2 copy
Sand and plastic bead deposits (contour marked by a red line) in the TOP 100 sump. The arrows indicate deposits on the side slopes of the discharge connections.
Settling solids
How effectively will a single pump remove solids from different shaped sump floor
Settling solids gragh
Drawings available on request in PDF or Autocad formats.